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Parents, caregivers, and professionals are aware of the gut-wrenching realities of child sexual abuse. Yet, talking to kids about sexual abuse can induce anxious emotions in adults.

No Touching Secrets! safely creates the conversation that adults want to have with a child in their care. The voice of the knowledgeable and loving parent in this book can become their own. Instead of shying away from this important discussion, adults who read this book will feel equipped and empowered, knowing how to educate a child about what they need to know and do to be safe.

In this story, a mother talks with her daughter, Emily, about touches that are okay and not okay, including when it is not okay for someone to touch a child’s private parts. The mother says that it is never okay for someone to touch a child’s private parts in secret. The mother answers her daughter’s questions and assumptions about secret private part touching. They agree that it is best to talk openly and often about touch, even about touch that seems okay. The family in the book also role models a healthy response to a child’s disclosure of sexual abuse.

Ages 4 and up.


“No Touching Secrets! is sensitively written by Melissa Pirwani and beautifully illustrated by Becky Fawson. It deals with a topic that we know parents can find difficult to discuss with their children, and may not be sure about where or when to begin. This gentle story has important messages for both children and parents. For children, it is written in a way that is affirming, will be meaningful to young children, and teaches them about touching, private parts, and body integrity. For parents, through the voice of Emily’s mom (mum), we learn ways to have talks with children about private parts touching: the questions to ask, the explanations to give, the actions to take. No Touching Secrets! is an empowering picture book that can be read aloud by parents and children together.”

Kerryann Walsh, PhD
Co-leader, Children’s Rights and Welfare Program, Children & Youth Research Centre
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

No Touching Secrets! “provides a valuable and very accessible tool for parents to talk about subject with their children. It is written in an engaging, child-friendly story book form with colourful illustrations and as such could also be of practical use to professionals, particularly teachers in addressing child welfare and personal safety issues as part of the curriculum. I would highly recommend this book to parents and teachers.”

Dr. Anne-Marie McAlinden
Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland
Parent and Expert in the field of Child Sexual Abuse

"It is critical that supportive adults engage children in age-appropriate discussions on topics surrounding child sexual abuse. No Touching Secrets! is sensitively written, engaging and age appropriate for children. It is a valuable tool to enable adults to broach the ongoing crucial conversations to help prevent child sexual abuse.”

Glori Meldrum
Founder of Little Warriors
Alberta, Canada

“Many times sexual abuse to children can be completely prevented and avoided, if only there was the opportunity to educate. No Touching Secrets! not only educates the child, but also the parent. It allows the parent a safe approach to take with their children and also teaches children touching secrets are never okay and what to do if something were to happen.”

Lisa Flemming
Parent and Child Welfare Professional
Rapid City, South Dakota

"This is a beautifully written and illustrated book to help parents discuss the topic of body safety with their young children. I highly recommend it!"

Sandy K. Wurtele, Ph.D.
Creator of the Body Safety Training Program

“No Touching Secrets! is a wonderful book for young children to help them understand the difference between okay and not okay touching.  It is nicely written and beautifully illustrated.  The book should be a valuable resource for professionals and parents.”

Anthony P. Mannarino, Ph.D.
Allegheny Health Network
Co-Developer, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

For Professionals

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